Hi, I'm Justin.

I am running for San Juan County Council seat #2. Although this seat is for the Orcas representative, I am running to bring a voice to the County government for all islanders.

As a business owner, active community member and working parent of five island kids, I am running to make sure that the policies and direction of our county is focused squarely on maintaining a healthy and sustainable community for all of our children and grandchildren. I am committed to assuring that our community embraces its rural, agricultural heritage; develops and supports opportunities for ALL residents; and protects the cultural and environmental resources of our sensitive marine habitat for generations to come.

San Juan County continues to change and evolve, but what has not changed is that the community remains dependent on a strong and resilient working class. It is incumbent upon our local leadership to build the process and provide the resources needed to support our working-class foundation. My work, social service activities and governmental experience have provided me with the skills necessary to bring all stakeholders in our community together to solve the critical issues facing our county. If elected your County Councilperson, I am committed to bringing your voice to the table to secure a future we can all prosper in.

What's My Experience?

I've been an active and engaged member of the County since my arrival in 2003:


This election, the voters of San Juan County will have a choice to make between the path we’re on and the path we need to be on.

Justin will bring everyone to the table to make the County work for its residents.

Justin is running in the race, but he needs our help to get across the finish line.
You can help by making a contribution, writing an endorsement, talking with friends and neighbors and, of course, voting in the August primary and November election!
Justin's door is always open: reach out with any questions or comments at manager@paulsen4council.com.

We can't do it alone!

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