These island neighbors endorse Justin.

“Justin brings all perspectives to the table and then actually listens thoughtfully. He weighs the information and seeks suitable responses or solutions. I find Justin very approachable and sincere. We are fortunate to have him willing to step up for San Juan County.”

~ Rhea Miller, Lopez Island | Former Council-Member

“I recently served with Justin on the Ferry Advisory Committee and was continually impressed with his knowledge of and level of urgency for our vital ferry service. He is also very well acquainted with the many other issues confronting us.”

~ Howie Rosenfeld, San Juan Island | Former Council-Member, Former FAC Chair

“I am happy to support Justin Paulsen for County Council. I have known him for over 20 years. He cares deeply for this community and those in it. He is constantly looking for ways to show that support from coaching youth sports to voicing concerns on the ferry advisory board to leading fundraising for at risk kids in our community and abroad. He always seems up for a well educated, civil and productive political debate. I am confident he will take each of our causes to heart and accurately represent our community. I fully support his run for San Juan County Council.”

~ Shannon Rishel, San Juan Island

“Justin shows up. I’ve known Justin for years but it was through coaching basketball together that we really became friends. There are the more public aspects such as doing whatever needed to be done for the community during covid, his long time involvement in sports and OIPRD or working tirelessly to find a solution to ferry issues last fall during the fair which ultimately lead to the creation of the water taxi service (and hopefully a more expanded community offering at some point). What goes unseen is the things done every day. I have no idea where he finds the time for everything but I’ve never heard him say no if asked for help. From helping the community during freezes and frozen pipes to lending a hand whenever needed. For the past few years he has served on the Ferry Advisory Committee and worked tirelessly to advocate for our “highway”. Justin will be a great addition at the county level and I have no doubt he’ll bring that same level of commitment, energy and knowledge to this position as well.”

~ Mike Connell, Orcas Island

“Justin has been a thoughtful and proactive ferry advisory committee member and strong advocate on the WSF Schedule Task Force. He listens well, searches for a wide variety of input and is kind!”

~ Katherine Bryant Ingman, Lopez Island

“I’m supporting Justin Paulsen for SJC Council. Justin is communicative and has represented us well in positions serving the residents of our county. Justin is open to hearing ideas from all voices. He especially wants efficient and effective government for the needs of the people who live on Orcas year round.”

~ Neris Palunas, Orcas Island

I know Justin as a tireless community advocate, who’s past actions have brought many positive changes to our community. Easily approachable, a good listener, critical thinker and generator of practical ideas. With our joint volunteer work at Community Water Taxi, he has proven invaluable with complex issues, the hard realities of resources, and wise political insights to make serious progress and proposals. He is engaged in all economic strata of our community and can represent the average citizen in a uniquely powerful way.

For someone not in government (yet), I don’t know anyone who knows as much about how government works and how to get things done as Justin Paulsen. Your vote is well spent in his direction.”

~ Thomas Bridge, Crane Island

“I have had the pleasure of watching Justin work on the SJC Ferry Advisory Committee for about a year now. I see that he’s thoughtful, action-oriented, courteous, and collaborative. He welcomes opposing views and new ideas into conversations so that better decisions can be made.”

~ David Robison, San Juan Island

“Justin is my go to in a crisis person. I’ve had both his sons in my class and every time something is needed, Justin is there. Need a driver? There he is! Pipes burst in the classroom on Christmas break during Covid (while he had Covid!) clear everyone out and he is there with fans and water vacuums. Not all students can pay for field trip, Justin and Amber pick up the slack! Can’t get a reservation for the bus off island, Justin’s on the phone trying to make reservations. Justin has been invaluable as a parent and now as a friend. I so appreciate his work on ferries, youth sports, playground rebuild, fixing everything and lately making breakfast for my whole class during a sleepover. This man is amazing and I am lucky to call him friend! He will work as hard for our island as he does for everything else!! He has my vote!!!”

~ Shannon Quishenberry, Orcas Island

“I’m glad Justin is running for Council this election cycle, and I think he’s the best candidate for this incredibly important position. Justin and his family have a great sense of the challenges working island families face, and he’s the best candidate to help meet those challenges. His work chairing the Ferry Advisory Committee has produced meaningful results in a very difficult situation, and he and his family have been incredible advocates for the working class for numerous years. I believe he’ll continue to be an excellent advocate as a Councilman.”

~ David Gaible, Orcas Island

“Justin has a sharp 10,000 foot perspective on our county as well as a good boots-on-the-ground view. I found his ideas and his listening skills to be excellent. He gets my support.”

~ Joseph Greene, Lopez Island

“I was so happy to hear that Justin was running for council. Justin takes the time to understand all sides of an issue before making a decision. He openly shares these learnings with the community so we can all better understand. Over the years, he has tirelessly worked to help improve the lives of islanders by stepping up to work with WSF along with other community issues. I strongly support Justin Paulsen for San Juan County Council Seat #2.”

~ Jenice Meek, Orcas Island

“I’ve known Justin for more than 20 years and have seen his drive, dedication, openness, integrity and decency spread from his business and family interests to those of our entire community from running the equestrian events at the County Fair, to commissioner of Parks and Recreation, to sitting on the Board of Orcas Family Health and to chairing the Ferry Advisory Committee. If you haven’t met Justin yet, you are in for a treat as you get to know him. His service as a Councilor will set a standard for community service that will not be surpassed. I most strongly endorse Justin Paulsen for the position of Councilor, Seat 2.”

~ David Meek, Orcas Island

“When I was sitting in Government class back in high school, I had a rose-colored picture in my head of what a representative would be. Someone authentic, compassionate, and knowledgeable, with their finger on the pulse of the community they serve. Someone I could turn to and count on to track down answers and initiate positive change. That is Justin Paulsen to me, without a doubt.”

~ Rebecca McDowell, Orcas Island

“The man we need for the rough times ahead.”

~ Winnie Adams, Orcas/Waldron Island

“By far the best person for the job”

~ Bob Gamble, Orcas/Waldron Island

“I have seen how hard Justin works for the coummunity, empowered only as a citizen. I can’t wait for him to be my representative on Council. Justin will take us from the path we’re on, to the path we SHOULD be on with care and respect for all islands and islanders.”

~ Keith Light, Orcas Island

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